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A Gory Mess – Security Breaches of 2014… So Far

Heartbleed. Shellshock. Backoff. These aren’t titles to the latest Halloween thriller, but for those who know, they’re scary enough to be. 2014 has been a terrifying year for security. With attacks on Retail, eCommerce, Healthcare, Finance and even non-profits, no one is safe, and it feels like we are falling into our own digital version [...]

What Is Heartbleed and How Should You Protect Yourself?

What is Heartbleed? On April 7, 2014, it was announced that a computer bug known as "Heartbleed Bug" has been exposing allegedly secure information around the world. Heartbleed Bug, essentially an information leak, is allowing outsiders to gain access to personal information intended to be secure on the internet. The bug has gone undetected since [...]